Lesson: Learned

{ Monday, March 8, 2010 }
The "fun," if you will, of being on Medifast is that you know if you stick to the program you are going to lose weight, and you're going to lose weight quickly. Especially in the beginning.

For now, I'm weighing myself every day because I want to monitor how this program works compared to all the self-created, self-guided, not-so-specific programs I've put myself on.

I weighed myself last Monday. I started Medifast on Tuesday. By Friday, I was 6.5 lbs down.

Yeah, I know. Then on Saturday, I had gained a pound of that back.

(Let me reiterate: I know perfectly well that water alone can count for as much as five pounds of fluctuation day-to-day, and so once-weekly weigh-ins are the only ones you should count.)

* * * * * * *
Saturday night we went out with friends. It was the first time we had a babysitter stay with Eve while Mom and Dad did grown-up things, and that was cause for celebration in and of itself.

We met for drinks before dinner, and I decided to have a cocktail. By the end of the cocktail, I felt good but not even a little tipsy, and decided to have a second cocktail. (Which, right there, is the reason the first cocktail is a bad idea.)

By the time we got to dinner, I was super hungry. I had been hungry all day anyway, and the gin wasn't helping matters at all.

As for dinner: I didn't come close to staying on plan. BUT I did eat far, far better than I would have under any of my old, own "plans." I basically tasted Ish's soup, tasted the bread, had 1/4 of the grilled lamb I ordered, approximately two small red roasted potatoes, and a few bites of a shared ice cream dessert.

Plus wine. Not a lot. But not a sip, either.

All in all, for my first outing, I think I did okay. But that wasn't the hard part AT ALL.

Sunday morning I woke up and weighed myself and was relieved to discover I weighed EXACTLY the same as I did Saturday morning.

But then.

Two cocktails and some wine on hardly any calories? That does NOT FEEL GOOD the next day. Not at all. And I woke up ravenously hungry.

And that was the real test. Being hungover is unfortunate under any circumstances. But having to stay on-plan while hungover is sheer torture. I felt gross and hungry and, whether effective or not, practically everyone on the planet solves hangovers by eating a ton of crap.

So I was looking at a full day of hunger, hangover, PLUS we needed to go shopping for the week, PLUS the Oscars, which is basically my Superbowl. I always drink champagne during the Oscars.

But I didn't.

I didn't go off plan even a little. I refused to make one night of questionable decisions become one night and then a full day off-plan. Oh, I thought about it as we drove past Wendy's on our way home from the grocery store (talk about torture!), as I clung to my bottle of sparkling water for dear life.

I chose to look at it as my punishment. Or penance. Or whatever. I made some bad choices, and I voluntarily paid for them. And I'm not planning to make those mistakes again.

This morning I weighed myself, and while I've only been on Medifast for six days, I have held steady for the last three days at being 5.5 lbs down.

I'll take it.


Busy Mom said...

Excellent, keep it up! I am very interested in the plan and enjoy reading your thoughts so far.

pootsinboots said...

Hey there!
FINALLY!!!! Someone who has the same issues I do on the weekends! I have been doing MF for two months now and am down 21 pounds, but MAN are the weekends tough! I like to go out and imbibe with my significant other, eat good food and socialize. I always have. So, being on Medifast has nearly driving me bonkers because I thought I had to completely forego those things. While it is true that if you totally stick to plan, the weight will come off faster, for me what little sanity I have left =) comes in the form of a glass of wine or a dinner out a week. But you do have to limit yourself. I had an off the rails weekend this weekend too. But now I am completely committed to clean living throughout this week. (and I'm running a 5K this Sunday). Don't beat yourself up about what you did over the weekend. Just move forward. I wish you great success!!!!

skinnyhollie said...

I am on day 4, and have a mini vacation coming up on Wednesday. I am already worried about how well I will be able to stay on plan.

I have lost 10.6 lbs in three days, so if I gain a little back because of the vacation, I will be okay. But I agree... the key is getting back on the wagon ASAP!

Jane Dough said...

I can SO relate! Cheering you on.

Julie said...

My boyfriend and I have been on the MF plan since New Year's. We aren't quite as "hardcore" as some of the folks out there...we still enjoy our weekends and our occasional meals out...but we ARE making healthier choices in general, because we don't want our week-long MF committments to be completely wasted. In eight weeks I have lost 15 lbs and he has lost close to 25 lbs. - yes, not as drastic a weight loss as the folks who are hardcore, but I think slow and steady wins the race - AND - we still get to have a life!

Anonymous said...

Yep, hangovers are the worst when you are trying to lose weight because only a greasy cheeseburger or a Taco Bell run will do. I know this from many, many, oh so very many years of personal experience. But great job staying on plan yesterday in spite of it all! That is the victory. Keep it up!

Texasmom1974 said...

Medifast has taught me some major lessons in portion control. I do the plan during the day and follow the meal ideas for dinner, but not 100%. If I eat a regular non-Medifast dinner, I only have 1 serving and I make sure to have veggies or a salad with each meal. Surprisingly enough, this hasn't affected my weightloss much. I'm down 40lbs since December 5th!